How to use the streetcar

STEP1: Check

Check the destination
shown on the cars.

Streetcar Route Map


STEP2: Geton

Get on
from the rear door.


STEP3: Take

Take a fare zone ticket
from the machine
near the entrance.

*No fare zone ticket is needed between
Sanbashi and Kochi Station.


STEP4: Press


Press the STOP button
when your stop is announced.

STEP5: Get off

Get off from the front door.

Cash customers: Check the corresponding fare to your fare zone ticket shown on the fare table displayed by the door.
Drop the exact fare in the fare box near the front door because no change will be given after payment is made. Use the money changer near the fare box, if necessary, before you pay.

*No change can be made for bills over 1000 yen.

Fare table

1-day ticket customer:


Drop the fare zone ticket in the fare box. Show the date of your 1-day ticket to the conductor.
  1. Fare box
  2. Coin slot to obtain change
  3. Bill changer for 1000 yen notes
  4. Change cup

Special Discount Tickets

Changing of route at Harimayabashi Intersection
Cash customer: Receive route transfer ticket from the conductor after paying the initial fare.
1-day ticket customer and IC card customer: No route transfer ticket is necessary.
You can ride with a route transfer ticket only within the flat-rate zone. No additional fare is needed. When your destination is beyond the flat-rate zone, drop the fare zone ticket in the fare box and pay 200 yen less than the fare shown on the fare table.

Customer travelling from the Sanbashi and Kochi Station area:

Changing to the direction of Ino or Gomen can be made with a route transfer ticket. Pay the difference in the fare when travelling beyond the flat-rate zone.

Customer travelling from the Ino and Gomen area:

Changing to the direction of Sanbashi and Kochi Station can be made with a route transfer ticket.

Etiquette using the streetcar
  • Manner of mobile phones

    Do not speak on cell phones or play games with the sound on while on board as you might disturb other passengers.

  • Manner of eating and drinking

    Do not eat or drink while on board.

  • Manner of concession

    Please give your seat to elderly or handicapped passengers.

  • How to smoke

    Do not smoke.